Rajupeta village – Peter and Giannina Wild

Rajupeta village, India

Well Provided by Peter and Giannina Wild

Community name: Rajupeta village
Population: 1300
Number Of Houses in Village:176
Old Water Source: The only water source is a running tap which is as irregular as once weekly and is insufficient for the people.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°44.181N 078°59.587E

“We’re thankful to Mr. Peter and Mrs. Giannina Wild who generously donated the money for this well. When we approached the government with our urgent need for a new borewell they turned a deaf ear to our repeated appeals, saying the budget deficit left them unable to help us. Thanks to drop4drop, Global Angels and others, our drinking water troubles are finally over. Our prayers are always with everyone who contributed.”
45 years old.


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