Rekalakunta – Anne Golden and Lucy Sherry

Rekalakunta, India

Well Provided by Anne Golden & Lucy Sherry

Community name: Rekalakunta
Population: 1870
Number Of Houses in Village: 275
Old Water Source: A water tank which is filled more than 4ft with water becomes leaky, with water being lost, so the water tank was of little use to local people.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°43.855N 078°55.267E

“Now I’m able to cook and send my husband to work and my children to school in time, thanks to the new well installed in our village through the Global Angels Foundation & drop4drop. I don’t need to fetch water from the other village with my children any more, wasting their valuable study time and my own working time. Many thanks to Anne Golden and Lucy Sherry for their help, we remember them in our daily prayers, as they solved our pressing water scarcity problem.”
Mrs. Mahalaxmi
31 years old


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