Somireddypalli – LNADJ & Zoo Project

Somireddypalli, India

Well Provided by LNADJ & Zoo Project

Community name: Somireddypalli
Population: 1350
Number Of Houses in Village: 155
Old Water Source: The community water tank is not getting filled-up due to inadequate and irregular taps water supply, this means less water is available.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: N14.83519 E078.90536

“As women, we have to spend more time for fetching water as our male family members are away from home most of the time. The water crisis is putting a lot more pressure on us, and causing family trouble. Now we’re saved from the need to walk a kilometre to fetch water, as the well is in a convenient location within the village. Thanks to LNADJ & Zoo Project, who generously donated for this borewell. We also express our thanks to the Global Angels Foundation and drop4drop”
Mrs. Lakshumamma
36 years old


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