Thippanapalli BC Colony – Kim Hurd

Thippanapalli BC Colony, India

Well Provided by Kim Hurd

Community name:Thippanapalli BC Colony
Population: 1100
Number Of Houses in Village: 145
Old Water Source: Due to meager tap water supply by the Govt with the effect of longer power-cuts the people have to go to the near by river to collect the water.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°39.729N 079°01.845E

“As we’re able to get water from the new well conveniently, there’s no longer a need to spend our time fetching water from distant sources. I have time to earn more money by making more leaf plates, because my husband’s wages aren’t enough to support our family. My heartful thanks to Kim Hurd.”
Mrs. Narasamma
42 years old


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