Tippanapalli Scheduled Caste colony – Houghton-Berry

Tippanapalli Scheduled Caste colony, India

Well Provided by Houghton-Berry Family and Kim Hurd

Community name: Tippanapalli Scheduled Caste colony
Population: 1200
Number Of Houses in Village: 170
Old Water Source: The water tank is empty most of time due to continuous power-cuts.These people have to walk long distance in order to fetch the domestic water as from one village to another village.
GPS Coordinates of New Well: 14°39.729N 079°01.845E

“I suffered a lot before the well, but not any more. The doctor advised me not to walk so and carry burdens as I’m an old woman suffering with body pains. My children are settled in jobs in distant places and I’m living in this village alone. Now I’m happy, as there’s no need toil for water. Thanks to all, especially to the donors of this well, the Houghton-Berry family.”
Mrs. Venkata subbamma
46 years old


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