Global Angels in The Mayfair Times, February 2011

Global Angels Founder Molly Bedingfield featured in The Mayfair Times in February 2011, being interviewed and sharing some of her own stories.

The article gives an amazing insight into Global Angels roots, Molly’s own background and why she chose to set up Global Angels & The 100% Promise.

The 100% Promise is at the heart of Global Angels, born from Molly’s horror at the existing model of charity where admin cuts take a high percentage of donations; and her passion to create a new model of transparent giving directly to where impoverished and desperate communities need it most.

Molly recalls the initial reaction to The 100% Promise…

People just loved it. I wasn’t the only one. I was kind of hooking into something that the public had a huge hunger for.” – Molly Bedingfield.

With thanks to Erik Brown at The Mayfair Times for producing this inspiring article, you can read the rest here.